Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picking Favorites

In casual conversation, a friend asked me last week what my favorite plant is. Is it even possible to have a favorite? Isn't that like asking which child do you like best?

But as a landscape designer, I must have quick 30-second answers ("elevator talk") to many random questions and ensure that my potential clients think I know lots about plants and gardening and diseases and pests and anything else that grows or happens to be outside.

Fortunately, I had an afternoon cup of coffee and was somewhat clear-headed at the moment and shared with her my favorite plant for the day (whew!) as I had clipped some hellebores (see previous post) to float in a small bowl on the table.

Cornus florida in bloom through my bedroom window

Today, my new favorite plant is the native dogwood tree (Cornus florida) which has peaked with it's creamy white blossoms (they aren't really flowers, ask me for more details if you really care) and chock-o-block chunky grey bark. I love seeing them on the edge of a forest (or driving down I-95 in Virginia--and the dogwood trees in bloom would be the only thing to enjoy about that trek) -- the blossoms look like they are floating serenly through the trees.

What is your favorite plant today?


  1. Today's favorite is a white ranunculus bought at Wegman's, going in the garden tomorrow.

  2. My favorite plants today are the two magnolia (grandiflora)trees I picked up from a free tree giveaway an embarrassingly long time ago!
    They have huge numbers of flower buds--perhaps this spring they'll make it fro
    m the plastic pots in the driveway into my soon-to-be flowerbed in the Rita-desecrated back yard!

  3. My favs are my white eggplant and my Mr. Stripy tom. plant(it sends out red and purple or red and yellow toms.