Monday, September 20, 2010

The Love/Hate Relationship Continues

Tomorrow is my garden club's "Harvest Fair."  I was supposed to grow vegetables from seed, nurture them all summer, and have beautiful specimen heirloom tomatoes or butternut squash to show off and win prizes.  I am not a good vegetable gardener.

Though mentally I am so "over" those hideous flowering quince, between work, vacations, school, kids and life, I still have not removed them from my garden.

In desperation, I went out this morning and harvested about 25 quince from the ugly shrubs. 

I washed them. 
I cut them up. 
I cooked them. 
I drained them. 
I cooked the juice with lots and lots of sugar. 
I made quince jelly. 

It's really quite tasty.  When it cools, I'm going to spread it on a cracker with some manchego cheese.

I'm still not keeping the shrubs, unless perhaps, I win a ribbon.