Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yeah, I've Got the Christmas Spirit

Tomorrow's To Do List:
  • Early morning meeting with client to review drainage plans
  • Attend Christmas Show at daughter's school 
  • Bake cookies for daughter's holiday party
  • Check client's garden installation progress, site new location for river birch tree
  • Pick up quick gift for "secret Santa" exchange at daughter's holiday party
  • Finish addressing, writing little personal notes, stuffing, licking, stamping and mail Christmas cards (picking up where I left off after the "F"s - only 135 to go!!)
  • Review gift list and pick up last few stocking stuffers
  • Send copies of client's patio plans to contractors for estimates
  • Find 5 sweet little hostess gifts to take to upcoming parties over next 3 days
  • Get gifts to husband's family to Federal Express (while 2-day is still an option!)
  • Hang wreath outside that has been lying on the ground for a week waiting until I attach the bow and buy some more floral wire
  • Buy more floral wire (at the hardware store - pick up a couple of stocking stuffers while there)
  • Plan Christmas eve and day menus
  • Prepare grocery lists for 2 different grocery stores
  • Finalize dog sitting schedule for post-Christmas trip to niece's wedding
  • Buy wedding gift for niece
  • Take husband's tux to cleaners
  • Write 3 thank you notes for holiday parties last week
  • Buy new slacks for son to wear to wedding
  • Shower and dress for 3 holiday parties
  • Drive children to various events for evening
Really, this is my list for tomorrow.  I don't get excited or worked up over Halloween because I know, every year, just around the winter solstice, I turn into the Tazmanian Devil.